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Small 4 oz. Bottle


(pictured above, right)

AD&E Moisturizer, Velveteen AD&E Lotion, Vitamin Massage Lotion.

Our Velvety AD&E Lotion has had 99% positive feedback. If you want your skin to feel like velvet just use this lotion and after three days... it will. Packed with vitamins, it feels like putting moisture right on your body. Not sticky or greasy this lotion we guarantee you'll love.

Our AD&E Moisturizer is just what it says it is...Packed with vitamins and lanolin, this moisturizer has been our number 1 seller for years. Use it with confidence for dry, cracked skin. Be amazed how the skin will look and feel as it heals with just one's our guarentee...

Our Vitamin Massage Lotion is excellent for the Massage of your Dreams...While using our vitamin massage lotion... oil will go to the surface of the skin, ...not drying like others on the not only do you use less...but it will heal damaged skin because it is packed with vitamins...

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 27 September, 2010.